Terms and conditions

Dear customer

By accessing or using any functionality in this website (“the site”) you, the customer enters into the following agreement with PC Master Computer Tech (“we”, “us”, “our”)

Although we carefully select the reviews and links available in this site we cannot take any responsibility for the content provided through the link. Any inconvenience, misguidance or damages in any form whatsoever as result of clicking in the link is not our responsibility.

We cannot in any way guarantee that all your software and/or hardware will be compatible with a complete system or component purchased from us and compatibility issues does not fall under our warranty.

If a complete system or storage device needs to be uplifted by us for whatever reason, we do not take any responsibility for the data recorded on such devices. It is up to you the customer to ensure a backup is made prior to upliftment.

Any goods returned under warranty where there are components missing or incorrect serial numbers will result in the goods being returned to you and no credit given. The warranty and returns policy applies.


  1. Objective or claims must be immediately after going through this invoice.
  2. If item repaired are not collected within 14 days, a storage charge will be levied and after 30 days the equipment will be

sold to defray expenses.

  1. Pc master computer tech will be authorized to replace parts and materials as my be necessary.
  2. PC MASTER COMPUTER TECH will be deemed authorized to automatically undertake any repairs should the estimated cost of re-pairs be less than R350.00.
  3. pc master computer tech shall not be responsible/ liable in any way whatever for any damage or losses and for injuries of any kind arising from the use of the equipment.
  4. a quote rejection fee of of R70.00 will be levied on all quote not accepted.
  5. we offer 7 days guarantee for each repairs.
  6. our guarantee does not cover cockroach, infested and.
  7. lightening strike computer or item, Or damage resulting resulting from share carelessness from owner.