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Shipping and Delivery

All orders are delivered within 4 days from confirmation of order in urban hubs and usually within 7 days for outlying areas. We do provide shorter lead-time for business contracts.

Purchasing Components

 If you purchase all the components you need to put a complete machine together we can assemble it for you at your request for a nominal fee. If you want all the original boxes then please inform us and we’ll ship them with the machine.

Stock Availability

If an item is no longer in stock it will be placed on backorder and you will be notified. If you wish to cancel at this stage you will be given the opportunity.

Order Confirmation

After placing your order with Cheaper Computers, you will receive an e-mail notification to confirm our receipt of your order request.

Shipping Confirmation

Once the order is shipped you will receive a second e-mail confirming shipment including tracking information if sent by courier. Orders placed over a weekend or public holiday will be shipped on the next working day.

I have not received my order?

We can see your delivery tracking 24/7 and will know if your order is delayed or not, we will always be in contact with you if there are any issues with your delivery. If for some reason you still feel concerned please contact us on (021) 713-1627.

Delivery address

We provide a “door-to-door” delivery service for most items except items that are more like consumables which will be sent to your nearest post office. If there is likely to be no-one present and home during the day for delivery please contact us and we will make other arrangements.

Still confused

If you are unsure of how this works and want to know more please contact (021) 713-1627 or 082 9554423 and we will gladly assist.

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It is extremely difficult to have ALL products on the website due to maintenance. But if there is a product you want that is not here please contact us by clicking here.

For ease of use you can also download our latest pricelist in excel format here.

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We want shopping at to be a pleasant experience for you. If you find difficulty navigating or are inconvenienced in any way, please contact us.

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Cancel Order
You will have an opportunity to cancel your order if it is done before you receive the shipped notification from Cheaper computers.